Les Arènes de la Plasmaphérèse Thérapeutique


Presentation of the event

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

The team of the Nephrology - Dialysis - Apheresis Department of the University Hospital of Nîmes is pleased to invite you to the THIRD edition of the "Arènes de la PlasmaphérèseThérapeutique" congress, which will take place on the 13th to 15th of APRIL 2022, within the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier - Nîmes, site of Nîmes.

The first and the second edition took place before and after the confinement and we hope this third international session will close the severe painful COVID pandemic.

This third meeting will bring together different disciplines and teams from different country of several continent with the aim of highlighting the various techniques of therapeutic apheresis. We are convinced that today the exchange of our skills, experience and knowledge is essential to optimize the individualized prescription of therapeutic apheresis.

Finally, we will take the opportunity to rediscover one of the most prestigious ancient sites in France, the Arena of Nîmes, before testing the Bodegua atmosphere.

Pr Olivier Moranne and the team of the Nephrology - Dialysis - Apheresis Department; University Hospital of Nimes, France



12h00-12h45Welcome Lunch at the Faculty of Medicine of Nîmes

12h45-13h00Welcome and introduction(Pr Olivier MORANNE, CHU Nîmes, University of Montpellier)

Adsorption technologies and indications in auto-immune disease 13h00-14h45

Moderators : MORANNE olivier, AHMADPOOR Pedram (CHU Nimes)

13h15-14h15 Adsorption technologies. Practical consideration for clinical use (Wolfgang RAMLOW, Rodstock, Germany)

14h25-14h45CINEVAS study (Noemie JOURDE, CHU Marseille, APHM)

14h45-15h15Coffee break + Meeting with exhibitors

New clinical implications for therapeutic apheresis 15h15-17h15

Moderators : MORANNE olivier, GARO Florian

15h15-15h45Complement and therapeutic apheresis (Pedram Ahmadpoor, Service NDA, CHU Nimes)

15h45-16h30Apheresis therapy in autoimmune vasculitides-where do we stand after PEXIVAS (Jan Kielstein, Braunschweig, Germany)

16h30-17h00Therapeutic Plasmapheresis for Membranous Nephropathy (Lionel ROSTAING, CHU Grenoble)

17h00 Conclusion and end of the scientific day

17h30 Free visit of the city of Nimes


9h00-9h15 Welcome coffee at the Faculty of Medicine of Nîmes

Miscellaneous 9h30-11h30

Moderators : ROSTAING Lionel (Néphrologie-Dialyse-Greffe,CHU Grenoble), MARIAT Christophe ( Néphrologie-Dialyse-Greffe,CHU St Etienne)

9h30-10h10Therapeutic plasmapheresis practice in France (Olivier MORANNE, Service NDA, CHU Nimes)

10h10-10h50Therapeutic Plasmapheresis for Cryoglobulinemia (Lionel ROSTAING, CHU Grenoble)

10h50-11h30Therapeutic plasmapheresis modeling to improve prescription (Tarik Kanouni, Service Apherese, CHU Montpellier)

11h30-13h00 Lunch + Meeting with exhibitors

Vascular access and technical aspects in therapeutic apheresis 13h00-15h00

Moderators : REBOUL Pascal (CHU Nimes), HUART Antoine(Néphrologie-Dialyse-Greffe, CHU Toulouse)

13h00-13h30Peripheral vascular access for DFPP. (Antoine CARDINALE, Service NDA, CHU Nimes)

13h30-14h00Anticoagulation for Immunoadsorption (Dominique BERTRAND, Service Néphrologie-Dialyse-Transplantation, CHU Rouen)

14h00-14h30Blood volume monitoring in therapeutic plasmapheresis (Hajar ELASSAS, service NDA, CHU Nimes)

14h30- 15h00 Coffee break + Meeting with exhibitors

Therapeutic Apheresis in vascular disease 15h00-17h00

Moderators : MORANNE Olivier, PAMBRUN Emilie (CHU Nimes)

15h00-16h00Physiopathological implications of rheopheresis treatment in microvascular disease (Thomas Robert , Service Néphrologie Dialyse, CHU Marseille, APhM)

16h00-16h40Rheopheresis in peripheral vascular disease (Dr VERNAGLIONE, Service Néphrologie Dialyse, Luigi, Italie)

16h40-17h00Conclusion and end of the scientific day

19h00"Nîmes evening"

FRIDAY 15th APRIL 2022

9h00-9h15Welcome Coffee at the Faculty of Medicine of Nîmes

Therapeutic apheresis in specific clinical condition 9h15-10h45

Moderators : MORANNE Olivier, CAYLA Guillaume (Cardiologie, CHU Nimes)

9h15-10h15High Lipoprotein(a). When to consider apheresis treatment ? (Wolfgang RAMLOW, Rodstock, Germany)

10h15-10h45CRP apheresis in acute myocardial infarction (Dr. Ivan Lechner, Innsbruck, Austria)

10h45-11h15Lunch + Meeting with exhibitors

DFPP and Hemoperfusion 11h15-13h00

Moderators : MORANNE Olivier, MULLER laurent (Réanimation CHU Nimes)

11h15-11h45DFPP for CIDP (Ioana ION, Service de Neurologie, CHU Nimes)

11h45-12h15Single needle for DFPP (Sylvain CARIOU, Service NDA, CHU Nimes)

12h15-13h00Hemoperfusion in ICU (Thomas RIMMELE, Service de Réanimation, CHU Lyon, HCL)

13h00Conclusion of the meeting / Lunch


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Steering Committee

O.Moranne ; S.Cariou ; E.Pambrun ; P.Reboul

ANNRF - N° W302018920






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