Les Arènes de la Plasmaphérèse Thérapeutique


Presentation of the event

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

The 5th edition of the arenesdelaplasma welcomed international speakers of quality and it is with pleasure that The team of the Nephrology - Dialysis - Apheresis Department of the Nîmes University Hospital is pleased to invite you to the SIXTH edition of the "Therapeutic Plasmapheresis Arenas" congress, which will take place from 16 to 18 APRIL 2025, at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier - Nîmes, Nîmes site.

This next edition will be even more international, with a large number of speakers from Europe, Asia and the USA, with the aim of sharing different experiences and practices of a high standard, and with lively debates.

The topics covered will allow the clinician to take stock of the latest developments and ongoing studies by discussing the indications for therapeutic apheresis in patients with dysimmune, vascular, dyslipidemia, transplant patients and intensive care patients, not to mention the new technical aspects and the latest innovations.

Pr Olivier MORANNE for the team Nephrology-Dialysis-Apheresis ; University Hospital de Nîmes, France ; Université de Montpellier

Useful Links

International Society for Apheresis : https://www.e-isfa.org
Nephrology-Dialysis-Apheresis department CHU of Nîmes : https://www.chu-nimes.fr/
American Society for Apheresis : https://www.apheresis.org/
Therapeutic Plasmapheresis course Montpellier University : https://du-diu-facmedecine.umontpellier.fr/


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